Jun 292003

It is pouring in Mumbai. And the roads have disappeared. The gutters are overflowing.

There were no pavements to begin with. It began with the Sena winning the muncipal elections. They had a unique approach to solving the problem of pavement dwellers. They got rid of the pavements. And of coures since they were, are, and will continue to be street thugs in the guise of politicians – not too many people complained. ‘coz complaining means have a bunch of thugs and thugi’s (oh they don’t discriminate on the basis of gender – infact the sena women are worse than the men) – descending on your premises -breaking up things, blackening your face and other idiot things.

A few weeks ago just b4 the monsoon started – in the locality that i live – the muncipality came in and demolished a whole row of homes. These were illegal they said. Of course they were. Half of mumbai is illegal construction. most of the bunglows by marve beach owned by the rich and famous contravene the rule. Popular car bazaar is illegal, half of andheri kurla road is illegal -those new posh glass and concrete building that u see – over 50% of them don’t have NOC’s.

I don’t have an issue with illegal constructions being demolished. infact i’m all for the rule of law. But enforce it without prejiduice. The shacks that got demolished opposite my house last week did not really inconvinience us directly. But a popular car bazaar occupying whole chunks of public land on AK road is dangerous for life and limb. when does it get demolished.