Jul 042003

the thing that i have always dreaded. and the thing that keeps popping up at the most in opportune time. why now of all times do i have to have the dreaded block. am supposed to write some white papers on baan or was it sap, and so kiddos’ stuff and i can’t even put the first word down. ouch!
ouch ouch!!
i am thinking so hard to get to the first word, the first sentance, the first para – that it hurts. at this point of time i’m not even looking at writing as an art form. the base content that i ‘ve been given is so bad that anything in comparison will look like a work of art. i guess that is the problem. am afraid that if i don’t think hard enough or try hard enough it may end up reading like the stuff i hve been given.
and would that not be terrible.

today i feel like the beatles song “nowhere man” – except that it is “nowhere woman” –
damn i wish that i can start writing again.

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