Jul 102003

How do u have a conversation with someone you cannot at all relate to? is it that you speak your bit, they speak theirs? will it sound like someone having fun on post prod with a pair of actors from different films. say a amitabh bachan in amar akbar anthony, having a conversation with a smita patil in namak halal.

i saw togadia on tv today. i heard him speak. how can someone have so much hatred it them.

Hearing him talk does to your mind what a bad drinking session does to your bodygetting up the next morning with you mouth feeling like a sewer and you tasting the bile.

can one get him on blasphemy? are there blasphemy laws in India?

So back to my question. in my social life if i bump into a mr.togadia clone, how does one intereact. Option 1: don’t itneract, option 2 dont interact, option 3 don’t interact. might just end up hitting the bastard while screeching gandhism is the only way ahead.

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