Aug 162003

It was very interesting to see the power black out in the USA. a lot of people i know smirked. they now have an experience of being third world, they said. But i guess in a lot of ways, they already are.

Here are some common characteristics of “Third World” countries – oops sorry developing countries – see if it applies to your country (some of it applies to mine)

Spend more on the military than on education/health/social development

Subvert the Political Process – rig elections

Put people who oppose you in jail

Create an environment of Hate – and campaign on the basis of that.

Handover Utilities such as Water, electricity and telecommunications to buddies who rape the institution and give citizens a poor service

Curtail civil liberties in the name of national interest

Ensure that your friends, and family have key positions and become amongst the richest in your country – and they influence Government policy

Ensure that your poorest become poorer while your richest become richer

Destroy your manufacturing base, deskill workers and ensure that foreign companies earn the most money and send it out of your country – while your brands disappear and your people remain jobless and your coffers remain empty

Go to war with someone, anyone will do (it could even be within your own country) – to ensure that attention is diverted from how fucked up your system is.

Note to citizens:

Citizens – buy candles, boil water, and ensure you have your savings in gold – you are not quite sure whether anything will last

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