Aug 262003

The Heroes – Mumbaikars

This must be the most remarkable place in the world. yesterday afternoon at around 1 pm. two bombs went off and killed 46, and injured 140. and there were rumours of serial bombs. the mobile network went down and the tv channels (star news in particular) reported every idiot hoax in town.

you would expect a sense of fear, of panic of even tension. I went for a meeting at 3 pm to safed pool – kurla. an overcrowded dump. and people from all walks of life – going around their work and their business

Today everyone is back at work. i have had a few meetings, dozens of phone calls – and every single person i know is back putting mumbai on her feet.

The Villians – The bastards who placed the bombs, and the Government

Last night i felt a terrible impotent rage – rage at those who placed the bombs, rage at a government which is so busy endorsing the distribution of trishuls and the banning of cow slaughter, that it has forgotten to look after the security of its people

LeT, LeS, some jumble of alphabets is quoted after every blast. but has the government given us anything apart from rhetoric. has the government upgraded the tools available to the law enforcement agencies? somehow i will not be surprised if the government knew about these attacks but chose not to act – afterall a communally divided india is as convinient for them as it is for the LeT.