May 282005

Last week poor Newsweek got jhapoed by the Pentagon for publishing a report on the desecration of the Koran in Guantanamo Bay . The Pentagon put on its most angelic face and swore that nothing of that sort had happened.
Newsweek was blamed for the riots that ensued in Afghanistan leading to loss of life. I guess the pressure brought on to bear on Newsweek must have been tremendous, leading them to recant.
So did the desecration happen?
The FBI says yes.
This week the Pentagon is saying that yes the Koran was desecrated. It may not have been flushed down a loo, but it was desecrated all the same. Wikipedia has a chronology of Koran flushing incidents here

The management team at Newsweek must feel like a bunch of spineless jellies for having folded under Governement pressure so fast.