Jun 272005

George Fernandes is famous for them. Flip Flops I mean. A former priest, a former socialist, a former hater of MNC’s, a former hater of the rabid right – he has turned 180 degrees away from where he began.

But, even he must have been surprised at the speed of his recent flip flop. Last week, when all that drama was happening within the Sangh Parivaar (it beat the Virani Khandaan in terms of visciousness, and the Ambani family in terms of desire for power) he said that the BJP shoudl stop fighting and that the NDA is in trouble.

now we are seeing that issues are developing within the largest party of the NDA and this makes me worry about the future of the NDA.

Today, he says nyet. mein ne aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha.

what infighting (in BJP). No infighting. There are some differences on some issues. It does not impact on the NDA at all.”

Truly funny.

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