Aug 112005

This morning I was in a quandry. It comes after weeks of banging my head against the wall on various business related issues. And realising that people aren’t as honest as you think that they are – or that concepts of integrity vary.

So I asked my father. Who has less integrity – a person who takes a bribe or a person who is not true to his word?
Responded Dad (who in his avtaar as a Government Servant handled import of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and newsprint during the license raj – and could have made a fortune that would have covered several generations, instead of maintining a reputation for scrupulous honesty) – the person who can’t stick to his word is worse, because atleast the person you bribe can be relied on to do the job.

Is this the world that we live in – where morality and integrity are so ambigious that lies and half lies pass off as business tactics? Where you can no longer rely on someone’s word? Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai?

Would I do the same given the circumstances? I may give an emphatic no now. But, tomorrow if the stakes are higher will integrity get sacrificied in the altar of profitability and convinience?

Maybe i should just eke out my living as a poorly paid teacher.