Aug 282005

Photography has been an on and off passion for me. Before digital cameras came in to vogue – it was a function of time. I was too busy and too mind f***ed to click stuff. And besides when most of your waking hours – and a lot of your sleeping ones – are between shoot floor, a/c offices and edit studios – there isn’t much scope to click.

Before that it was a function of money. Development of pics and all that are not really possible when you are a broke student.

Now a digital camera – my sturdy little Minolta Dimage Z1 – and a more flexible lifestyle allow me the time and energy to indulge my hobby. And flickr provides a nice gallery for exhibiting.

Today i was experimenting with black and whites. They were obviously taken in colour and then i played with photoshop.


Nothing scientific – just playing. Goes to show how bored i must be !
Incidentally the waiting is at an end.
The diagnosis is finally in – and it is a nice large stone in my gall bladder. and an enlargemen of the liver because of that. How galling – is one of the responses. stoned immaculate is the other ! Surgery beckons. i am thinking of setting the stones in gold – a new line of galling jewelry!

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  1. I do enjoy you’re pictures on flickr

  2. I do enjoy you’re pictures on flickr

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