Sep 142005

Happiness was writ large on Nitin’s face as he slipped into his wedding dress. In few hours from now, the girl of my dreams would be my wife, he thought.

Little did he realise that the same girl, whom he had courted for more than five years would shatter his dreams.

I am not sure what poor Nitin is going to take longer to get over. The wonderful description from the ToI (wedding dress – oh my gawd) or getting jilted at the altar. Catch up with the soap here.

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  1. this is not about poor Nitin but about someone called charu sachdeva – her sister priya is getting married next year and she says – “I have not yet picked out my outfit for the wedding – nor has Priya – we are last minute people that way” –
    duh? she has not yet picked up an outfit – nor has her sister (she slips in casually) – who is the bride :))

    DNA ki jai ho! my newspaper wala is quite random in which paper he drops at our place every morning – so am geting to read DNA, Toi and HT by turns :))

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