Oct 092005

yesterday’s earth quake in Kashmir once again proved how puny our advances our in comparison to nature’s fury. All that a couple of plates under did was adjust themselves and boom…. 18.000 peoople dead and still counting.

An neither the quake nor the Tsunami recognised human imposed borders and boundaries. Nor did they ask about religion or ethnicity. They just swept past leaving devestation in their wake.

I hope that we and our neighbours understand and appreciate the fragility of life and the ecosystem and come to terms with it and move on. And coexist in relative peace.

If you need any news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts after the Earthquake of October 8th, 2005 – go over to the South Asia Quake Help blog site.

Oct 092005

A few weeks ago FE had a tongue in cheek write up on pet grooming – manicure, pedicure, shampoo and conditioning – for the animal in your life (no, not your partner or your spouse).

Where animals can be ‘made over’ can politicians be far behind? Bad analogy I know – besides I really like animals, and don’t particularly care for our netas. DNA has this article on how rural politicians in Maharashtra are transforming themselves for a media age. Clothes, body language and styling to come across more telegenic and sophisticated.

I always thought that the newer politician, the Jaitleys, the Iyers, Sibals, Mahajan’s had this veneer of put on slickness that didn’t make them completely trustworthy. Now you know that it could have been the sopistication equivalent of blonde hair from a bottle :)