Oct 152005

The last few weeks have been spent trying to cast kids for a show that we might be doing. The show is centred around 10 year olds – doing what ever 10 year olds are supposed to be doing.

The entire process has made me glad that I have no kids – children in Mumbai are scary. They behave like petulant & irritating 18 year olds. the girls try and act sexy, the boys macho. I asked a question, what games do you play. Pat comes the answer – nintendo, games on my playstation, or playing is for babies. No chor police, no lagori, not even the modern equivalent of out door games.

It is positively scary. I hope it is a function of the kind of kids who want to act (or whose parents want them to act) rather than symbolic of the entire lot of Mumbai/metro kids. After looking for almost 15 days – we still haven’t found the kids. Because the kind of naughty innocence that we are looking for doesn’t seem to be available.

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