Nov 232005

The last few weeks – the period that i was not blogging – have been extremely stressful. There has been sleepless nights, round the clock councils of war, there has been battle, and there has been tremendous pressure exerted on us. And the three of us stood firm. It is such a relief to run a business with people you trust and respect, and who back up each other.

I didn’t blog about it because I don’t want to remember people involved with bitterness. Or anger. Or even frustration. I really want this memory to fade. Not disappear, because we don’t want to be caught in this kind of a situation. Rather, it should fade gently into memory – so that one day we sit around- all concerned – and laugh about it.

On the good news front, there is a pilot that is being shot for a kid’s channel. Cogito is partnering wtih AS and SR for the show. It is nice to see grown ups leave aside their pre concieved notions and bond together as a team. It is one of the nicest aspects of management. Seeing the team evolve. And pitches are happening. We are getting geared for the next schedule of DoaJ.

Term has begun again and i am teaching three great subjects. Broadcast Journalism, Global Media Issues, and Media Management. (aside: Any of you in Mumbai – want to give guest lectures on any of these topics – mail me). There are 15 extremely good students, and A lot of my theoretical fundaes that had been covered by cobweb are getting brushed out and refreshed. And this serves as a trigger for thought.

It is tiring, but fun. I think that i need to juggle many things at the same time to function effectively. Otherwise Inertia takes over, as though it is going out of fashion. The only thing i need to figure out is time to blog.

And best of all, I am actively contemplating a holiday in December. Chennai, and then rent a car and drive down to Madurai, Kanchi and Rameshwaram. It has been in the offing for quite some time. So hopefully, this time the holiday will happen.

Nov 112005

If you thought it was just in Hindi films that the hero sang out to the heroine when he was trying to woo her, think again.
Male mice sing to female mice when they come across atractive female mice 🙂

within seconds of encountering the scent of female mouse urine, the males broke into ultrasonic song. Dr Holy and his team processed the sound recordings on a computer and made them audible to the human ear, first by slowing down the entire audio track, and then by keeping the tempo but significantly lowering the pitch.

Tho tho thweeth – wonder if Douglas Adams was right about mice 🙂

Nov 082005

…was essentially a continuation of yesterday – and i don’t mean it in any philo level sense.

It was a continuation of footsie and ring-a-ring-a-roses. The problem is that when you play footsie while you go around in circles, you are more likely to end up playing humpty dumpty. And we all know what happened to humpty dumpty.