Crawling out the woodwork

If a Muslim Nutcase can put a price of 51 crores on the Danish cartoonist, can the Hindu nuts be far behind? The Hindu Personal Law Board (wtf is that ) has put a price of Rs.51 crores on M.F.Hussain’s head. three questions here.

  • where the hell did the? Hindu Personal Law board crawl out of and what gives it the locus standing to speak for Hindu’s.? I would think that we have enough of our crosses to bear without borrowing bad habits from others.
  • which version of the Hindu Personal code is this board endorsing – is it the Manusmriti with its inherent bias against women and non higher castes, or is it the much more eclectic form that preceded it – that really didn’t have an issue with any form of human relationship – including polygamy, polyandry and ‘gandharva‘ vivaha.
  • And finally what the hell is the Government upto – why are these nuts walking around free. Why aren’t they being arrested for incitement to murder.

My first Car

Last saturday -18th Feb – i went across to Popular Car Bazaar, and picked up my Brand New Tata Indigo Marina. I was looking for a bigger car – the Alto was too small for the family. We are a big family that is big made with a big dog. The decision parameters were: a) it should be big b) it should sit within the budget c) It should be diesel – with Petrol at almost Rs.50 a litre, it is getting expensive maintaining a petrol car, especially a large petrol car The Marina is the only one that fit all the parameters. And it is a comfortable car. Rani is confused by the change in vehicle. And she is now being trained to sit at the back.? Yesterday we finished additional work on the car – the fixing of autocop, a music system, mats and the rest. Sometime this week i get the upholstery in place. I am back to being broke 🙂

Freedom gone bananas!

The ‘honourable’ minister for Haj (UP), Haji Yakub Qureshi, calls for the Danish cartoonists head with a reward of 51 crores, and the Government of UP – and the Central Government, does nothing. The Shiv Sena goes on rampage in Nalla Sopara – a suberb of greater Mumbai – and again apart from feeble apologies from the Sena – there is nothing to suggest that the Sena is going to pay for disrupting Civil Society. Somehow, the incitement to violence by politicians gets excused under the ‘freedom to express’ guaranteed by the Constitution. But, maybe it is time to throw the book at a few to ensrue that we all don’t end up sufferering for their irresponsibility. I know that there are those who disagree on the idea of responsibility being an integral part of a citizen’s behaviour. And the fact that responsibility as citizens also means a certain degree of self restraint. But, it is time to throw the book at those who behave irresponsibly. And hit them where it hurts – with the full might of the legal system against those who want to disrupt our lives and our basic and fundamental freedoms. I would really like to see the "honourable’ minister arrested, tried and sentanced for incitement to murder, and the SP fined like crazy for inflicting a person like this on the people of India. And I would like to see the goons in Shiv Sena being jailed and the party itself? fined out of their ample coffers for the? disruption to our civic lives. Maybe a few such ‘examples’ will make us a safer society

Constitutional Rights violated in Court

This via Sriram A judge who believes that female lawyers work their way up the system by trading sexual favours. And he vocalised his thoughts while presiding over proceedings at court. He implied that all female lawyers ‘made it’ by using ‘immoral means’ When? the lady objected on the grounds that he was ‘ outraging her modesty’ his honour retorted:

"You have no modesty to outrage."

The Chief Justice of India has reportedly pulled up the offending judge. In addition to being an irresponsible comment from an officer of the court, i would think that it is highly discriminatory statement. Possibly violating the rights granted to all citizens in the Preamble to the constitution.? Gender based discrimination. If the judge had made a similar comment about a religious minority or indeed the religious majority, there would have been hell to pay. Is it ok for him to be merely pulled up because he made a discriminatory remark against women? But, in a nation where 13 year old virgins are sold for as little as Rs.400/– can we really get away from the fact that in many families boys are brought up regarding women as little more than chattel, and where girls are brought up to accept this as their lot in life – can we really expect any different from our leaders in the judiciary, executive and polity?