Bombay Blasts v2

When the first set of Bombay Blasts happened back in 1993 – i was away in another land. Worried sick about my family and friends back home. Yesterday the second set of blasts rocked Mumbai . The crowds on the road were phenomenal. Human traffic trying to get home by the sheer dint of homing instinct. When I reached home, the buses were still running – every private vehicle, taxi and rick seemed to be on the road. The mobile network was jammed – but MTNL delivered. My brother reached home from VT well past mid night – and he told me stories about passersby being given water and food (once again) by ordinary citizens. Through news broadcasts, we saw ordinary citizens playing a key role in rescue operations. The only thing that ordinary citizens havent’ done so far is catch the terrorists and hand them over to the police. The police have been unbelievable. Out in full force since last Monday’s rains – they seemed to be a calming influence on citizens. Returning home at 7 – near andheri kurla road – we saw full contignets of police not just handling traffic, but people – with efficiency and compassion.

a traffic policeman yesterday2

a member of the Home Guard helping the Mumbai Police with traffic

The police have been out full force since the rains last week. With sunday’s near miss riot and the response to yesterday’s blasts – they have done an incredible job. We all rail at them at perceived screw ups. Maybe, its time we tell them what a fantastic job they have done. This morning I look out of my building and the streets are buzzing with activity – people are getting into work. It is almost as though the city & its citizens are giving a collective middle finger to the terrorists. The message is very loud and clear – we are not going to be terrorized !