Jul 312006

I think that the Government has hit the nail on the head in asking religious leaders to intercede in stemming [tag]female foeticide[/tag].

The union ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) has written to Sri Sri Ravishankar, Mata Amritanandmayi, Dinkar, Asaram Bapu and even popular yoga guru Baba Ramdev to spearhead a campaign to save the girl child. The MWCD has also sought help from Radhasoamy Satsang, Nirankari Gurukul and Churches of North and South India. “Since religious gurus have a huge following, a campaign by them will surely help people change their mindset about having daughters,

In a country ruled by various forms of orthodoxy -? and a general dislike of obeying the law, the concept of committing a sin may deter people more than the concept of committing a crime. And it is about time religious leaders looked beyond their religious texts and preached about living life as good citizens – following the [tag]rule of law[/tag]