Withdraw Live India TV’s Broadcasting License

this from the ToI

Delhi Police on Friday detained for questioning a TV channel reporter who conducted a sting operation on a government school teacher in an attempt to show that she was running a prostitution racket. "Prakash Singh, the television reporter of Live India, was asked to join investigation by the police but he refused. He was ultimately picked up for investigation on Friday," a senior police officer said. His detention comes a day after police arrested a girl who appeared in the TV sting operation posing as a student. She was arrested on charges of "criminal conspiracy, cheating and fabricating false evidence".

All very fine, but what about the owners and promoters of "Live India TV " – what is their punishment for having systems and processes that

a) allows for a story like this to go on, without verification. What were the editors and others doing , or is Live India TV – the bastion for unedited user generated content. b) allows an innocent person to be defamed, defaced, derided, and wrongly outed. b) through their irresponsibility and avarice, puts all our freedoms in peril.

Can we please see their broadcasting license withdrawn and heavy punitive damages for this action ? There is no point in just penalizing the guy on the ground ….. a system that allows and encourages this sort of damage ought to face the consequences. Sting Operations are needed to ensure that the system behaves itself.This kind of misuse ensures that instead of penalizing organizations misusing ‘sting’ – we end up debating ‘sting’ itself. And, it is time that we – instead of banning techniques, look at penalizing organisations who condone poor and faulty journalism . Misuse of journalistic powers and broadcasting licenses ought to be dealt with by the industry, the government without exceptions. And as far as the victim of this sting is concerned – – the poor teacher. stuff like this never goes away. Her name, her address, her looks are plastered all over the place. The arrest of this ‘journalist’ will not make it go away. It’s on Google — it is preserved for eternity. So how does the victim get justice — a) boil the ‘journalist’ b) withdraw the license of the channel c) deal with the owners and promoters the way the mob dealt with the ‘victim’ of the sting operation. SMS your choice to…..