Oct 182007

University corrections continue… and i relieve the utter tedium by jotting down interesting bits from answers. Here are today’s picks:

  • As soon as TV media came into picture, most of the media had fallen week
  • Then to there is no death for newspaper media
  • In the field of politics it is giving us recent info (on television news channels)
  • Youth magazine is generally famoused among youth – eg. Cosmo women and men
  • Magazine like JLT that is just like that in that all issues of celebreaty is covered
  • Developmental Journalism is a social economic problem
  • The Bangalore Place is a famous place in India. It is far from Bombay. Bangalore people language are Urdu, Bengali, Hindi Maximum
  • Situated in the lower end of the Himalayas (on Manali)
  • Under the shadow of the Sahyadharis (on Mahabaleshwar)

What is scary is that the paper we set was one that a brain dead hedgehog — or a student who had never attended a single lecture — could pass. But, stuff that is going wrong in quite a few papers are fundamentals. We won’t even go into the fact that most of these are functionally illiterate in most languages (or can communicate very little in most languages) — but look at stuff like general knowledge, basic stuff . Two days ago i blogged about a student who wrote that the language spoken in Hyderabad is Tulu. Today there is a student who writes that the language spoken most in Bangalore is Bengali, Urdu and Hindi … I know that the ITES boom is getting people to Bangalore…but……

A few years ago while making [tag]Dial One aur Jeeto[/tag], the live interactive gameshow on [tag]Sahara One[/tag] – we had a caller who’s answer was “Chin ki Rajdhani Cochin Hai” (The capital of China is Cochin)…. and we laughed…. but today, we seem to be putting out graduates like that. And these are graduates who have a high probability of joining journalism as a profession.