Dec 272007

I was returning home in the evening, stuck in a traffic jam somewhere near Andheri Subway, when dad rang.

Dad: [tag]Benazir Bhutto[/tag] has been shot dead

Me: How ? ( i meant how would gunmen get past a security cordon… would she have the equivalent of Z level security)…. but it came out as how….

Dad: With a Gun – they killed her. Bast***s.

JD called next…..

JD: You Heard?

HC: Benazir?

JD: Yes. They shot her and then some suicide bomber blew the place up.. What a great story. (JD is a journalist and you need to forgive his ghoulish attitude towards news)

Next was K… a friend who is also a Sindhan.

K: Musharaff did it. He is the Modi of Pakistan. He can pretty much get away with murder.

HC: hmm..

K: I didn’t like her – that family was nasty to Sindhis, despite being Sindhi themselves.

HC: I had forgotten the Sindhi part…

The next was RM

RM – there are lots of people who hated her, the military, the mullahs, the [tag]mohajirs[/tag], Musharaf……..It could be anybody.

HC – or it could be everybody !

RM – no that is not possible. They like us more than they like each other…

HC – thats not really saying too much….

RM – No it isn’t and the [tag]Hindutva[/tag] nutcases want the entire f***ing nutcases back…..

before he could launch into how screwed up the ‘Akhanda Bharat’ policy was, i reached home and rung off

At home the folks were tuned to the BBC – the news was official. She was dead. A gun man/men shot her multiple times and a suicide bomber blew himself up just to make sure. As I was registering the news, SR called from Kerala (he is holidaying there) –

SR : Is it true? Benazir has been blown up..

HC: Yes. I saw it on the BBC….

Benazir Bhutto – rest in peace. And hopefully, the people of Pakistan will be catalyzed by this to throw out the Mullahs, Musharaf and the Military and take back their country.

Dec 212007

…. while [tag]Mumbai[/tag] collectively chokes in the smog – is it just me or is it extra polluted this winter, my eyes simply wouldn’t stop burning & watering – I am off to the hills…

The folks at Blogbharati are celebrating their anniversary, and had asked me write something for them…..I wrote on [tag]Hindi Film Music[/tag] & the core Indian identity – It should be up here.

Blues -
Here is a nudge towards a road song , one of my all time favourites – Suhana Safar aur yeh mausam hasi…….especially the line … woh aasman jhuk raha hai zameen par, yeh milan hamne dekha yahi par.….

Dec 192007

17 months & one week ago :

Home Guard guiding traffic with the Mumbai Police

The trial begins …… I dont’ want to see a ritual sacrifice where the judiciary gives the public a sacrificial bali ka bakra……. I would like to see due process leading to justice being done. the victims deserve at least that…. And, we as citizens deserve at least that….