Mar 302008

Dr.Ambedkar in Annihilation of Caste:

It is a pity that [tag]Caste[/tag] even today has its defenders. The defences are many. It is defended on the ground that the [tag]Caste System[/tag] is but another name for division of labour and if division of labour is a necessary feature of every civilized society then it is argued that there is nothing wrong in the Caste System. Now the first thing is to be urged against this view is that Caste System is not merely [tag]division of labour[/tag]. It is also a division of labourers.

Civilized society undoubtedly needs division of labour. But in no civilized society is division of labour accompanied by this unnatural division of labourers into watertight compartments. Caste System is not merely a division of labourers which is quite different from division of labour—it is an hierarchy in which the divisions of labourers are graded one above the other. In no other country is the division of labour accompanied by this gradation of labourers. There is also a third point of criticism against this view of the Caste System. This division of labour is not spontaneous; it is not based on natural aptitudes. Social and individual efficiency requires us to develop the capacity of an individual to the point of competency to choose and to make his own career. This principle is violated in the Caste System in so far as it involves an attempt to appoint tasks to individuals in advance, selected not on the basis of trained original capacities, but on that of the social status of the parents. Looked at from another point of view this stratification of occupations which is the result of the Caste System is positively pernicious. Industry is never static. It undergoes rapid and abrupt changes. With such changes an individual must be free to change his occupation. Without such freedom to adjust himself to changing circumstances it would be impossible for him to gain his livelihood

 i wonder if the division of laborers, over the centuries is what led to so many conquests…. i also wonder whether it was this division of labour that led to a dark ages where there was no social, scientific or technical progress. 

I often wondered how 3% of the population was able to the bulk of the population subjugated for so long. Why was there never a revolution. The answer was quite simple, they didn't have to do too much. The zillion odd castes kept each other in check and ensured that the system thrived at the expense of everything else.

Mar 302008

This from the RSS [tag]The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh[/tag]  not Really Simple Syndication

According to RSS, everybody has a right to pray for his deity in his style. But every Indian should accept that [tag]Ganga[/tag] is a holy river and [tag]Ramayan[/tag] and [tag]Mahabharata[/tag] are the holy books of India.

Reminds me of the time (a lifetime ago) when I, a rebellious teenager, told my dad "India is a democracy" and he responded "so long as you do what i tell you to, it is a democracy" 🙂 He was of course kidding, I am not quite sure of the RSS. 

Mar 282008

….the Chinese Ambassador to Canada :

''The [tag]Dalai Lama[/tag] has been telling lies to the world for decades,''

''What has happened in Tibet was instigated by separatist groups led by Dalai Lama clique.''
 ''Any remarks made accusing [tag]China[/tag] of so called [tag]human rights[/tag] suppression, I consider that irresponsible and inappropriate and it's interference in China's internal issues,''

Maybe, India should just bite the bullet and boycott the [tag]Olympics[/tag]. We anyway have a snowball's chance in hell of making the medals list. So might as well take the moral high ground and stay away. The least that this action would do is save the tax payer some money.  

Mar 272008

Two stories on further education. 

One is about a 12th standard topper who quits formal education.

…Urvi Pithadia, 17, has been forced to discontinue her studies just a week after joining junior college. Nobody there volunteered to help the wheelchair-bound girl in and out of classrooms and elevators.

Urvi is suffering from muscular dystrophia, a genetic disorder which weakens muscles. It’s impossible for her to move around on her own.

After her SSC triumph, she enrolled herself at SNDT’s College of Arts in Vile Parle. “Even though there was elevator facility at the college, Urvi required someone to push her wheelchair. There were college maids, but none of them ever helped Urvi even to the restroom. She felt utterly helpless and was so depressed, that we thought it was better for her to discontinue studies,” her mother, Mita, told DNA.

 The second is about a girl who never recovered from the injuries inflicted by her teacher because she didn't want tuitions..

 Rinky Kaushik, who was allegedly beaten by her teacher for refusing private tuitions, has died after remaining in coma for three months.

A teacher of the Dinkar Model School, Dhirendra Kumar Dinkar had allegedly thrashed her with a stick after she refused to attend his tuition classes.

 I am speechless wordless. I can't even rant. WTF, WTF, WTF ?