Apr 042008

My new hero is Baichung Bhutia and I don't even follow football.

To stand up for what you believe in, and state that belief in a non violent and dignified  manner is the basis on which [tag]India[/tag] fought for her Independence. To see someone in today's day and age doing that warms the cockles of my heart. Especially when you read about athletes from elsewhere not being able to express their protest on [tag]Tibet[/tag] because sponsors – who have large commercial interests in [tag]China[/tag]- may not like it.

Obviously, the CPI(M) – which with every passing day sounds more like a fully owned subsidiary of the Chinese Government — has been fairly displeased with Baichung's decision

CPM — West Bengal Sports Minister Subhas Chakraborty said “Baichung shouldn’t have done this. It’s embarrassing.”

This is the same CPI(M) that didn't feel embarrassed when:

  • The Indian Ambassador to [tag]Beijing [/tag] was summoned at 2 hours past midnight … as far as I know the Chinese are still a 'friendly' nation, and calling the ambassador at 2 a.m. … if nothing else … should be embarrassing. It is serious bad behavior. But, Mr. Karat is not embarassed by it… he thinks that it is par for the course…. I wonder how he would react if the Indian Government called in the Chinese Ambassador at 2 in the morning to be told about their behavior in [tag]Arunachal Pradesh[/tag]
  • China occupies Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, depriving our fellow citizens of basic freedom and democracy (however flawed it may be). I would really be interested to know the CPI(M)'s stand on Arunachal Pradesh. 
  • China refuses a visa for inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh – claiming that as Chinese citizens they don't need a visa to visit China.
  • It issues a veiled threat on [tag]Nagaland[/tag] and [tag]Jammu & Kashmir[/tag] –

Those in India who want to join this chorus for an independent Tibet will be doing a great disservice to our own country. Are we going to support a free Nagaland? Or a free Jammu and Kashmir? Or those other secessionist demands?

China has been meddling in Nagaland for donkey's year's and they occupy part of Jammu and Kashmir. 

  • Human rights are violated – whether in India or outside it. 

Our party’s stand is very clear that any country whether it was China, Russia, or India, should  not disintegrate in the name of human rights and rights of ethnic minorities.

So it is ok to , murder Kashmiri's, burn down the homes of those who protest against land grabbing, mow down non violent protesters . It's ok in the name of Nationalism… And, if that is a not an embarrassing thought or policy … I'm not sure what is…  

If the price of 'National Integration' or 'ideological superiority' is human rights violations or the suppression of the rights of ethnic minorities — then the nation is on its way to a breakup …. There is only so much you can do with force … how many people are you going to kill to maintain your 'Nation' your 'Empire' or your 'ideology' . Remember [tag]Nandigram[/tag]? If there is amnesia about Nandigram, then try the [tag]Dandi March[/tag].

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  1. try to preserve an old order and protect the privileges of the lucky few at the top of the order? And what would call you them if they wish to preserve the old order not just in their own country but also in the neighbourhood? Revolutionaries?!Harini

  2. “If the price of ‘National Integration’ or ‘ideological superiority’ is human rights violations or the suppression of the rights of ethnic minorities รขโ‚ฌโ€ then the nation is on its way to a breakup”—

    Very pertinent and almost a prophetic statement in my opinion.

  3. Well written and very poignant.

    China is worse than America in its diplomacy and has always managed to extract favors from India right since the time they wanted entry into the security council while giving India nothing in return, infact they play geopolitics to the fullest while trying to use Pak as a counterbalance to India

  4. please correct my link

  5. those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to make the same mistakes…
    look at yugoslavia, USSR, Pakistan, Great Britain…. the trouble with the left is that they are confused and they are dogmatic… a dangerous combination

  6. thnx prax
    India should start acting in her self interest. whether it is on the nuclear deal,the border deal, agriculture or anything else…
    it is time that it looked at 1.3 billion citizens within her boundaries and doing ‘good’ for them… rather than earning a ‘good’ name from the international community. the two aren’t necessarily contradictory.

  7. True gardi, very true

    basic tenents of foreign policy rest on fundamental principles like self interest
    but sadly the current bunch has no clue or interests in assessing and nurturing the nations long term interests, their interest doesn’t even extend further than that of self preservation and winning votes for the next general elections..

    No long term thinking is hurting this country what say u?

  8. Hi Prax
    there are two issues here:
    one is national interest – which relates to stuff like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Aksai Chin etal. And these are territorial interests. These are very important and cannot be ignored
    the other is economic interests – investments, trade, etal. These are also important and cannot be ignored.

    As far as the current Government is concerned it has a very fine line to tread .. and it would be the case with any government.

    I have liked the quiet disapproval that the Government has been exhibiting. canceling of Kamal Nath’s visit to China, refusal of Nirupama Rao to visit Tibet as a part of the Chinese Government’s propaganda exercise….

    I have more issues with the LEft front and its sword of Damocles hanging on the Government’s head…. i would rather the Government called their bluff and called for elections rather than appeasing them….

    My problem is not with the Way the PRC is behaving … it is acting in its self interest. I am not even averse to the UPA’s line …. it too is keeping the nation’s interest in mind (more or less)…. my problem is with certain elected representatives of India acting in the interests of the PRC !!

  9. It was fun to watch the torch being extinguished in Paris.

    My day started good when I saw this first thing in the morning and then went on pretty well for the rest of the day. What a good omen!

    BTW I wrote some thing about Chinese and internet shackling too, check it out from here – the topic title sounds a bit outlandish though http://www.techbanyan.com/archives/253

  10. IOC is demanding that since global audience is going to be in China, it better free up internet for them. This is defn a good move but has not been given much coverage.

  11. Hi Tarun
    It was kind of inspiring, yet sad….
    when the Chinese say that it is a small bunch of Tibetian independence fighters … they are not right …
    I have a feeling that Tibet is going to become this generations apartheid… ordinary people from everywhere are going to get involved … despite their Government’s staying silent…
    The power of non violent protest!!!

  12. i partially agree, – only one thing prc is not acting in chinas but the party’s interest, cause communism is all but over and discarded, infact India is more communist in certain eco aspects than china, and the party has a few reasons to justify its survival and the party has learnt lessons from russian ccp collapse.
    funny now the NSG commandos will protect the torch in india – a unit meant to fight terrorists after op blue star – abused by politicians, who don’t care about citizens safety protection – will protect what world opinion is seeing the current Olympics as a symbol of chinese agression and democracy stifling tactics

  13. ๐Ÿ™‚ i read it. i don’t really like swapan das gupta’s writings .. but i have to agree with him here

  14. thanks for your writings. I like the way you write.

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