Mar 302009

I have been seriously falling behind in Movie watching.

But, since the beginning of the month – i have begun making a tentative time table. At least one Movie a week. See, it start to end. Do not let boredom or impatience overcome you. Watch. Don’t react. Watch from beginning fade in to end fade out.

I started by watching stuff that is easy on the brain.
Last week was [tag]Australia[/tag], and last night was [tag]Quantam of Solace[/tag].


Australia is a film in the tradition of ‘Thorn Birds’ or ‘Gone with the Wind’ – essentially where history is used as a prop to get two diametrically opposite characters together — Lady and the Hunter, the freedom fighter and the soldier, the priest and the confessor — together. Stories that would be described as Historical Romances.


Lady from England, loves horses – comes to Australia to sell her farm – and falls in motherhood with a half Aboriginal half white child – and in lust with a cattle driver – Hugh Jackman. And despite racism, wars, bombs, the japanese and their own pig headedness (no romantic tale can be complete without retard level differences between the couple) – they traverse across a gorgeous looking Australia to live happily ever after 🙂


If nothing else, Australia looks wonderful … it’s nice, uncomplicated story telling. could have been 20 minutes shorter … but then, it could have been 20 minutes longer 🙂

Quantum of Solace


Daniel Craig looks good. that is pretty much what i can say about the film.
the film is a sequence of chase, kill, chase kill, chase kill, some terse dialogue that doesn’t make sense, chase, kill, chase, kill, chase, kill and the end…. someone stole the script and they decided to make a film without one 🙂
good to watch if you are a completionist – or an action director looking for inspiration !