Jun 042009

stuff i have no answers to …

a) what is it about the male of the species and their fascination for nose snort, ear wax and other assorted stuff … a few days ago i overheard two building boys having an animated conversation about how much goo they sneezed out… JD tells me that it tastes salty …SR pointed me out a kid in a rick who was eating the damn thing .. i sometimes have very suzy like reactions to some very calvin like behavior from the men in my life!

b) are there less people in restaurants because of the smoking ban or because of the recession?

c) when will the market realise that credit card companies have too many ‘sub prime’ outstandings ?

d) if people vote for a famous name, is it still dynasty ?

e) are Hindi news channels, regional news channels ?

f) Is Hindi a regional language ?

g) Do Libertarians grow up to live in a Positive world? or would they be for ever stuck in their Normative universe.

h) If Communists took themselves less seriously, would they get more work done ? Starting point, sirs, the 1800’s are over, please move to the 1900’s. the next step would be to slowly move you to the current period 🙂

i) Is the Pakistani Government Retarded ? someone needs to tell them about letting out a rabid viper into their midst. We will survive him, will they ?

if you know the answers to this, do reply. would love a civil conversation about these and other mysteries in my universe 🙂

And Finally, if you are going to write in to tell me that the headline should read inexplicable 🙂 don’t bother 🙂 i changed it to unexplained for ease of understanding:)