Aug 012009

Delhi High Court on 2 PIL’s against Star TV’s show – Sach Ka Samna

“In this land of Gandhi, it appears that nobody follows Gandhi… Follow the Gandhian principle of ‘see no evil’. Why do you not simply switch off the TV? … “We are not sitting here for moral policing… You approach the Parliament and get the remedy. The courts cannot be expected to deal with issues that involve different individual perceptions”…… “Our culture is not so fragile that it will be affected by one TV show. Moreover, nobody in his individual capacity can be allowed to take upon the social order and ask for directions.”

Madras High Court on health spas where one gender (read women) serve the other (read men)

“a majoritarian impulse rooted in moralistic tradition cannot impinge upon individual autonomy”.

Kudos, well said and about time.
I would just like to see one other thing – the next time a political party or a bunch of people use violence to protest against ‘insults to our culture’ … throw the book at them. They have just violated the sanctity of the only ‘sacred’ book of the ‘Republic of India’ by violating our Fundamental Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.