Sep 282009

Two years ago – i had blogged the bulk of this post. I am using it as a base and just refurbishing it with a few more favorites. Tomorrow, I will look at the duets. September 28th – The birthday of [tag]Lata Mangeshkar[/tag] …. the woman with the golden voice.The first lady of [tag]Hindi film Music[/tag]. For me, the last of the [tag]All India Radio [/tag] generation , the lady and her music was a constant companion when I was growing up. Although in later years – i would think post the late 1980’s- her voice has lost much of the sweetness and melody, her body of work prior to that stands as testimony of her talent. On her birthday, I am going to take on a difficult task – the task of compiling my personal favourites sung by her. This is in no particular order of prefernce – just stuff that i enjoy listening to … the list will be divided into my favourite solo numbers & duets. Today is the list of the favourite solo numbers.

1) Aaj Phir Jeene ki Tamana Hai – the film [tag]Guide[/tag]. A celebration of life. Picturised on [tag]Waheeda Rehman[/tag] – a truly feminist song before the term feminist became popular in India

2) Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha – the film Anpadh. Lata Mangeshkar creates magic with Madan Mohan. Dharmendra looks hot, while Mala Sinha sings to him!

3)Barsaat Mein Humse Mile Tum Sajan – the all time classic. Lata and a chorus sing probably my favourite ‘falling in love’ song. [tag]Shailendra[/tag]’s lyrics are mind blowing ‘aaj mein tumhari huvi, tum mere sajan… tum mere sajan” and [tag]Shankar Jaikishen[/tag]’s music a herald of forthcoming greatness

4) Bada Natkhat Hai Yeh – Film Amar Prem – filmed on Sharmila Tagore. the film also starred Rajesh Khanna. Music R.D.Burman, lyrics Anand Bakshi. The film also had the other wonderful Lata solo – Raina Beeth Jaaye….

5) Choti, Choti si Baat — Film Choti Si Baat – music Salil Choudhary, lyrics Yogesh. A wistful song …Najane Kyon… hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath … achanak yeh dil .. .kissi ke jaane ke baad … kare phir uski yaad… choti choti si baat….na jane

6) Doondho Re Doondho – Film Ganga Jamuna – music [tag]Naushad[/tag] lyrics, [tag]Shakeel Badauni[/tag]. The song picturised an ethereal looking [tag]Vyjanti Mala[/tag] singing about the joys of ‘suhaag raat’ with [tag]Dilip Kumar[/tag]

7) Dua Kar Ghame Dil, Khuda se Duva Kar – from [tag]Anarkali[/tag]. In a film full of great songs, including the popular ‘yeh zindagi usi ki hai’ – this song is my personal favourite. You can hear the duva in the voice.

8) Ja Ja Re Jaa, Balamva – Film Basant Bahar. I can’t remember too much about the film except that it stars Bharat Bhushan and everyone dies . But the sound track on this is amazing, so is this song.

9) Jago Mohan Pyare – from [tag]Jagte Raho[/tag] – the sweetness and compassion in Lata’s voice, perfect with the melody by [tag]Salil Choudhary[/tag] and lyrics by¬† PremDhawan.

10) Jadugar Saaiya – from the film [tag]Nagin[/tag] – a sweet love song, where the woman implores her lover to let her go as it is getting late. Hemant Kumar, Shailendra and Lata once again create magic.

11) Kahi Deep Jale Kahi Dil – Music Director Madan Mohan, lyrics by [tag]Raja Mehdi Ali Khan[/tag] and a truly eerie number. For me, it works better as a ‘haunted’ song than Ayega Aanewal from [tag]Mahal[/tag] and Aajare Pardesi from [tag]Madhumati[/tag].

12) Mausam hai Ashiqana – superb wistfulness and longing in this song from Pakeezah. I personally prefer this song to the more popular ‘chalte chalte’ or ‘inhi logone’

13) Mora Gora Ang Laile – in my list of the most erotic songs in Hindi films ever. Lyrics by a very young [tag]Gulzar[/tag] and music by [tag]Sachin Dev Burman[/tag]

14) Na Jiya Lage Na – Film Anand – Salil Choudhary, Gulzar and Lata Mangeshkar. A great combination of melody, lyrics and voice.

15) Nainon Mein Badra Chaaye – Film : [tag]Mera Saya[/tag]Lata & [tag]Madan Mohan[/tag] – and an incredible semi classical composition. A superb rain song….

16) Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kiya – Lata Mangeshkar in this defiant anthem in Moghul-e-Azam. Music Naushad

17) Raaton Ke Saaye Ghane- Film Annadata – music Salil Choudhary. I haven’t seen the film but it has a powerhouse of a sound track.

18)Rajnigandha Phool Tumhare — Film [tag]Rajnigandha[/tag], Salil Chodhary, Yogesh and Lata Mangeshkar get together to create magic.

19) Rukh Ja Raat – Lata singing for Meena Kumari in Dil ek Mandir and trying to stop the moon set with the power of her voice.

20) Saaware Saaware – from the film [tag]Anuradha[/tag]. Music by [tag]Ravi Shankar[/tag] and a breathless pace that transverses scale. Lata’s complete mastery of Raga’s and melodies comes to the forefront in this song.

21) Vande Mataram – from the film [tag]Ananda Math[/tag] – Music by Hemant Kumar, Lyrics by Bankim Chandra Chaterjee. The ultimate call to battle song. Fight for this country, it is yours and so beautiful….And Lata’s rendition of this song makes it my favourite. It nudges out other ‘patriotic’ numbers like Ay Mere Vatan ke Logon … .

Which are yours.?

Sep 282009

Being in love with God. Filled with passion for God. Having a mystical connect with God. Having communication with God that bypasses organsied relgioun. Where you stop referring to God in the terrifying patriarchal formality – and refer to him in the second person. where you fight with God, personify him – dance for him, sing for him, want to marry him … these are just some of the aspects of the bhakti movement. Bhakti goes beyond mere devotion.

Some of the best poerty – be it bhakti or sufi – is a living testament to this obsession. If you listen to saqia aur pila, for example, you will realise that the poet is not talking about alcohol, but the high from loving god.

For, Meera – Krishna was her true husband – the man she married as a young child. Chaitanya saw himself as Radha and the gopis who performed the Raas Leela with Krishna; Aandal was so in love with Ranganatha that, it is said, that the Lord absorbs her as his bride; Jayadeva, it is said, has Krishna come by to finish his poetry.

In a way, Jayadeva began the bhaktification – if one can call it that – of Hinduis, a good two centuries before the rest of them, north of the Vindhyas. His work took away faith from the hands of the priests and put the individual at the centre of the relation with God.

I grew up listening to Jayadeva’s works in bits and pieces – primarily as Carnatic Music . The ashtapadis – or 8 line verses – are fairly popular in Carnatic music ; but i have never heard the Geeta Govinda in the Hindustani Classical style.

Here is M.S.Subhalakshmi in ragamalika singing the dashavatara that forms the prelude the Geetagovinda

And, here is a different take. the music is better than teh video. Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar in Ananda Math – a fabulous rendition of the Dashavatar .

if you know of others drop me a line.