Nov 162010

Technology is an amazing thing and, if used well, it enhances creativity.

My good friend – Anand Sivakumaran and his friend Elivis D’silva have shot a brilliant short film on the Cannon 7D. Picture quality is mind blowing as is the clarity and colours…

But, what is most brilliant is the script. Sweet, poignant, funny, and real.

Shot over 3 mornings in a coffee shop – Gostana – in Bandra – the film works with fine actors, has a great sense of design, direction and edit …. did i say, I liked it 🙂 – and not because Anand is my friend – we have known each other for far too long and like each other far too much to be less than brutally honest about each other’s work 🙂

Check out the preview on Vimeo

Hello Goodbye – Teaser1 from Elvis D'Silva on Vimeo.

The film will soon be on the festival circuit and will publicly exhibited – watch this space for more 🙂

I now need to start shooting stuff on the N8 🙂