Nov 192010

If the Radia Tapes were adapted for TV then 🙂 this is how I see various countries & cultures adapting it for main stream popular TV:

  • The US – It will be a story of a woman’s ambition and her relentless climb to the top – that hides a back story of heartbreak and betrayal. Scripted by the likes of Sidney Sheldon (i know he is no more) – the film will possibly get someone like Glen Close to play play the heroine. It will be strong, kiss ass woman with a vulnerable heart story … And it will be out in the next 6 weeks.
  • The UK – it will be a 5 part BBC (like) adaptation of Othello. Except  that Othello & Iago will be brothers. It will be directed by the likes of Kenneth Brannah – and will be moody and atmospheric. Expect a lot of beautifully shot English Country Side with classical piano music …. The women, will be the Lady Macbeth variety or the Queen Elizabeth (I) variety or the Princess Diana types, in characteristic – lots of hushed whispers and behind the scenes maneuvering.
  • In France – it will be a story of sex and revenge. Lots of Sex. and illegitimacy …..
  • Italy – it would be the story of a mafia family warfare.
  • In Saudi Arabia – it will be a religious discourse
  • In China it will be a story of feudal system breakdown and the call of revolution – with lots of choreographed violence
  • In Japan – it will be violent manga set around the construction industry
  • In Spain it will be story of honest Income Tax officials who bring down a cross ‘denominational’ cartel
  • In Pakistan it would be comedy
  • In Mexico, it will be a telenovella about a girl who swears revenge at her father’s death at the hands of a strong man ….

In India, aah that is the problem. In India it is news …..

Nov 192010

The Outlook Magazine has published the transcripts & recordings of the secretly taped conversations allegedly between Ms.Radia and a variety of luminaries in Business, Politics & Media ….

If nothing else, they are entertaining …. could be name dropping, could be an over sized sense of importance, could be true …. I don’t know the veracity of the tapes – i am putting them up as an alternate link.

If the copyright owners – possibly the people taping or the people taped – want me to take this down – drop me a line 🙂


The alleged conversations between :

  • Vir Sanghvi and Ms.Radia are here as is the transcript of their conversation
    • Vir Sanghvi–10-188819-0-06-20090522-221623 
    • Vir Sanghvi–15-188819-0-10-20090523-222642 
    • Vir Sanghvi–42-188819-0-24-20090522-130319 
    • Vir Sanghvi–43-188819-0-24-20090524-122706 
    • Vir Sanghvi-05-188819-0-02-20090522-132707 
    • Vir Snaghvi–36-188819-0-22-20090522-225011 
  • Kanimozhi and Ms.Radia are here as is the transcript of their conversation
    • Kanni–15-188819-0-09-20090522-144615 
    • Kanni–17-188819-0-09-20090522-200419 
    • Kanni–22-188819-0-11-20090524-092731 
    • Kanni–32-188819-0-20-20090522-224116 
    • Kanni–34-188819-0-21-20090522-111541 
    • Kanni–46-188819-0-26-20090522-104506 
    • Kanni-37-188819-0-22-20090523-095902 


  • Raja and Ms.Radia are here as is the transcript of their conversation
    • 06-188819-0-03-20090522-014237
    • 11-188819-0-31-20090524-110511
    • 28-188819-0-19-20090522-132029
    • A Raja50-188819-0-27-20090523-142941
    • A Raja-06-188819-0-03-20090522-014237
    • A Raja-28-188819-0-19-20090522-132029
    • A Raja–11-188819-0-31-20090524-110511

The rest of the conversation are here

Ratan Tata: IMP-Ratan-Spectrum issue-20090611-155759 

Ranjan Bhattacharya: 16-Cong Apni Dukan20090522-170040 

Barkha Dutt:

  • Barkha Dutt-02-188819-0-01-20090522-104733 
  • Barkha–09-188819-0-04-20090522-180916 
  • Barkha–11-188819-0-07-20090522-153129 
  • Barkha–18-188819-0-10-20090522-094851 
  • Barkha–33-188819-0-21-20090522-095845 
  • Barkha-14-188819-0-08-20090522-192357 

Read the responses:

Shankar Aiyar (then with India Today Group)

  • Shankar Aiyar–20090522-110908 
  • Shankar Aiyar-20090522-104036 
  • Shankar Aiyar-20090522-184449 
  • Shankar Aiyar20090522-193809 
  • Shankar-Aiyar 20090523-130017 


  • Jehangir–12-188819-0-07-20090522-160638 
  • K Raja (not A Raja)23-188819-0-14-20090523-112954 
  • Sunil Arora–45-188819-0-26-20090522-081537 
  • Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 
  • 19-Garima-20090522-214910