Jul 202011

It is the half way mark to the thirty day project. I have actually ended up surprising myself. If I put my mind to it, I can overcome my incredible inertia.

I have been reading more than usual. Less than I want to read – but more than I had been doing in the last 6 months. I have been hearing music. Not just the music that is on the last played playlist, the familiar, but hearing the unfamiliar. There is stuff that I have liked. There is stuff that I have loathed. But, at least I have heard music that is different.

here is something I did enjoy. Cesaria Evora the barefoot singer from Cape Verde. A gradmom. A voice like honey… (thankyou ML for recommending the music).

I have been taking more photographs than I had in the past 6 months or so. It doesn’t matter whether they are good or not. At least, I am taking the time to observe, compose, frame & shoot. Old skills are slowly coming back to use.

I have been meeting more people and more friends than I had in the last 6 months. But, I have cut myself off. I realist that while having conversation – my mind wanders too much. My concentration has been shot to bits. The mind wanders too much. I need to get back to meditating on a daily basis.

The two things I haven’t managed to bring back into my life. One is movies. Which is really odd because I am in the business. And, I used to love films. Maybe I will start with the familiar and then go and explore new film makers.

The other thing that I have not managed at all is private news channels. I got home late a few days ago and mom was watching the news – I needed to have dinner – but the sounds of people screeching simultaneously drove me away… That is one thing that, I am sure, is gone for good from my life.

And finally,

A photograph I shot yesterday – didn’t shoot anything worthwhile today

30 day Project Day 14 - roadside view

Business as Usual – Rain or No Rain

I was on the opposite side of the road – in a rickshaw – stuck in traffic. The interlocking tiles on my side of the road had given away leading to major, major traffic jams.


Btw – this post comes through Blogdesk – a desktop editor that works well with wordpress. Blogging time – for some strange reason – has reduced. Wonder why it takes me longer on the web to compose a post, and less on the desktop. Is it psychological or is there a science to it ?

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