Aug 202011

Just when you thought that:

  • the Government can’t get stupider, they go and prove you wrong. Why would anyone in their right mind arrest Anna Hazare?
  • the Parliament was useless, you hear brilliant debates. Arun Jaitley was fantastic. was telling someone form ULL that they should run excerpts of that speech as a Vaseline viral 😀
  • the Civil Society is sensible, you have ‘Kiran Bedi talking about Anna is India and India is Anna’. What is wrong with that woman… and frankly I find it strange that someone who would get her child into a leading medical college on a NE quota would be at the forefront of fighting corruption. Nepotism is also corruption.
  • it can’t get worse, there is Team Anna’s version of the Jan Lok Pal Bill …read it in its entirety to know why its terrible
  • propaganda is the purview of political parties, comes a brilliantly orchestrated campaign by Team Anna…(bows in respect to the media managers)
  • there can be no unity – there are interesting formations for and against the Civil Society’s protest. left and right on either side …maybe this is the beginning of new political equations