Jan 022012

KD got me this lovely 35mm macro lens for the Olympus E-510. Over Diwali, when we were in Lonavala, i had fun with the lens. Yes, it has taken me a couple of months to upload the pictures.

boganvillae - orange2

The Bougainvillae in a neighbour’s garden. my garden has the standard white, and magenta, but this colour was quite outstanding.


The lens makes this leaf seem a lot more interesting than it actually is 😀 when i saw this via the viewfinder, all i could think off was the giant worm in Dune



One of the things i have really enjoyed about the camera is that it compensates for shakes. I do shoot steady, but even then there is going to be some shake that would cause the image to blur. But, with this camera no. I should be using a tripod, i carry it around, but most cases I do without.

green and white

And, this grew just outside my gate…

I was too lazy to change lenses, plus it was dusty and i ddin’t want dust inside the camera – so used the 35mm macro for some village shots. They turned out quite decent.

scenes from nangargaon

Obviously i will use the other two lenses for scene shooting, but in a pinch this will do.

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  1. Nice snaps”@calamur: Shooting with the 35mm http://t.co/TgSTJQrZ

  2. These are beautiful photos and all very different. I have never been to India or celebrated Diwali, but the yellow Bougainvillea evokes what I have imagined about it during the festival time – warmth, golden colors of yellow, orange and red, glowing light, and joy.  Maybe that’s silly  of me to assume and one of these days I’ll go see for myself  🙂

    Also, I think the pinwheel flowers are Plumbago auriculata and I also grow them. They are plentiful where I live, but among my favorites.

    I am really enjoying your blog. Keep it up and Happy New Year!



    • thank you – that is very sweet of you … i am terrible at identifying flowers. i just label them by colour … i can never, for the life of me, remember their scientific names.

      thank you and happy new year.

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