Apr 062012

This by Vishnu  Bhagwat, the Naval Chief sacked by a politician (George Fernandes) for refusing to appoint a deputy he thought was unfit,

“The arms dealers are 99 per cent foreign companies who have Indian agents here. The disturbing thing is that the intelligence services of foreign countries—such as the MI-6, CIA and Australian intelligence—ride piggypack on these Indian agents who also double up as informers! Not just that, they subvert the services and MoD by getting people on their payrolls. The embassies are in the know and facilitate these operations to benefit their own defence industries. It is well known that these lobbies plan the careers of officers on their payrolls. Way back in 1985, we knew who’d be the air chief at that time, because of a particular person’s proximity to arms dealers. Who will guard the guards?”

via Officer, Gentleman And The Army Mess | Chander Suta Dogra.in the Outlook

Read this issue, cover to cover, and be very scared …