Apr 122012

That Mumbai’s open spaces are under threat is no secret. slowly but surely playgrounds, parks, maidans have all made way for concrete & steel buildings, shanties, garages, small businesses and large, giant parking lots, dumping grounds.

Near my house in Andheri (E) there used to be a little park. And then it disappeared. A retired resident in the area filed a RTI, discovered that the builder had built three buildings keeping the park in the middle. Today, we the public has access – via the buildings – to the park.

A city like Mumbai, with a stressed out population needs its open community spaces. They need to be protected from encroachment and greed.


This weekend – the 14th and 15th of April – there is an exhibition of Open Spaces in Mumbai ward by ward and what you can do to protect them. Also present are my friends from Hathautee with artisans from all parts of India demonstrating their skills and selling their wares. Leslie Lewis will be there performing … Open Spaces, community and Art.

(Raku Pottery, demonstrations and workshops at the Racecourse)

I will be there. Hope to see you there too.