A wife like Sita

When the judge says that a wife should be like Sita you can interpret it in many ways in the context of a modern marriage, and even a modern break up.

  1.  the wife goes with her husband wherever he goes.
  2. The wife gives validation that her character is beyond reproach through a test of fire (agnipariksha)
  3. The wife allows her self to be abandoned by her husband when pregnant
  4. The wife brings up her child/children without child support or family support
  5. The wife leaves the husband, and returns to her maika,  when the husband’s demands get too much to bear.
  6. The man will not look at another woman whether or not his wife is with him.


Ram was maryadapurusha, Sita his wife, who matched him in her observance of Dharma. We are mere humans, and flawed at that.  The judge has erred in using this example. It is open for interpretation, ambiguous and unfair on all parties.  Maybe judges should stick to what is slightly more contemporary – Stick to the spirit and letter of the law.

4 Replies to “A wife like Sita”

  1. 7. Physically strong. Sita moved the Shiv-Dhanush.
    8. Decision-maker. Sita did move out of the Laxman rekha, despite being told not to go out of it. What followed doesn’t come under ‘Being Sita,’ however.

  2. true. she is a warrior princess. Unfortunately those who have grown up watching sagar Ramayan think that she is a wimp. She never was. She was an incredibly strong character. It was not weakness that held Ravan at bay…

  3. Maybe what he meant is that wives continue to make unreasonable demands of their husbands like golden deer fleece!

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