May 122012

60 years after the above cartoon was published, some MP’s had an issue with it being included in a NCERT textbook way back in 1996. Ironically the textbook was called “The Indian Constitution at Work”

What also bothers me is that ‘offense’ is being taken at the drop of a hat to cover up other things. A day earlier there were reports of 80 odd crores being spent on renovate Mayawati’s home. It is incredible how a 63 year old cartoon, that got into a book 16 years ago disrupts Parliament a day after misuse of funds is talked about. Of course it is serendipity.

The cartoon was 

sketched in the 1950s by celebrated cartoonist Keshav Shankar Pillai, popularly known as Shankar and recipient of a Padma Shri (1956), Padma Bhushan (1966) and Padma Vibhushan (1976).

Both Nehru and Ambedkar were alive at that time, and neither seemed to have any issue with the Cartoon.

As I had posted on twitter yesterday

when you start kowtowing to one set of idiots who want books/content to be banned, others sets of idiots will come out of the woodwork …

And, this government has been abject in its ability to debase itself and compromise our freedoms


  1. The entire chapter – the introduction to the Constitution, published by NCERT, can be found here. Page 18 of the book has the cartoon with reference to context, the time it took for the Constituent Assembly to finalise the Constitution.