The World has gone Nuts

Aurangabad:  A woman has filed for divorce in a court in Aurangabad because her husband refused to change his relationship status to “married” on his Facebook profile.

A report in the Deccan Chronicle says the couple married two months ago. The husband allegedly told the judge hearing his case that he had forgotten to change his status from “single” to “married.”  His wife says that she cannot trust him, reports the paper. The judge has reportedly asked the couple to spend six months in counseling.

via Telugu wife wants divorce over husband’s Facebook status: Report.

Someone i know figured that their significant other was having a scene because of uploaded (indiscreet) photographs on FB.  the lawyers are sorting out the terms and conditions.

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  1. I think, its time- Law stops entertaining lame cases.
    Legal systems should set a bar, at what level of seriousness they will intervene.

    The other day, a report said – Man seeks divorce on the grounds that Wife is not a good cook. When court ordered counseling – wife says – she has computer classes to attend.

    Given all the crazy excuses people come up – every small act is labelled under “Cruelty” these days.

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