Jun 212012

image courtesy NYtimes on twitter

A huge fire broke out at Mantralaya – the administrative office of the Government of Maharashtra this afternoon. They are still putting out the fire

This image was tweeted by NYTimes – India.

who are these people saving the flag of India ? were they ordered to ? what made them risk their lives or lungs ? Struck me that painting the tri colour on your face or wearing it on your shirt is easy – this kind of ‘love’ is quieter. I wonder how many people i know would have even thought of this, let alone go up on the roof of a burning building to take the flag to safety !

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  1. SALUTE!

  2. Salute the Staff who save our Tiranga

  3. Wow. Speaks volumes. This pic gives you a sense of pride !!

  4. Salute to this people !! and honestly accept not many would have thought this .. a great lesson !! thanks for sharing this

  5. Hey. There is a dedicated group of security officials who have their office on this terrace itself. Called the Dhwaj Rakshaks, or protectors of the flags, their job is to ensure that this flag, which is the biggest in the State, is protected at all times. This picture is a fine example of the duty and the dedication towards their job.

  6. Contest: which is more silly — that idiots wanted to save a piece of cloth or others want to salute the said idiots?

  7. On a related but perhaps irrelevant side note, this should be a good place to start the process of relaxing the ridiculous laws that govern the tricolor. Flag burning must be legal. Where is the online petition on that?

  8. These are maybe Mantralya employees who were probably on the roof top to escape the fire. From the color of smoke behind them it appears they were in no immediate danger. They did what was only natural. Why make these Babus Unnatural National Heroes.

  9. Proud citizens. pl stop ridiculing their act.
    let dis an act to b emulated by all of us wn time comes.

  10. I salute the staff who’s done this great job., this kind of acts will help to keep the country united inspite of suffering from internal communal clashes. This also sets as an example that we will rise to the occasion to save our country keeping aside all the ego’s, fears, and dangers in keeping our country’s respect high without compromising for anything even if it’s one’s own life.

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