Loneliness of a Social Media Existence

For many people social media is a bubble where they become another entity – popular, liked, part of a larger community, considered a leader, considered important. And, it is not surprising that as the world becomes more complex, as each of us gets involved in our own jam packed lives, it is easier to connect with other human beings on the go, than face to face. Let us face it, it is easier to put a like on a post that says “lost my job, broke my leg, living on the streets” than to actually have a conversation with the person and figure out what is wrong and how you can help.  For many, the idea of ‘getting involved’ in other people’s messes is just not cool.


SO, while we are on the go, putting likes on posts; hearts on photographs; argue passionately about the state of the nation with friends and foes; and get involved in virtual activism for causes we believe in – and consider ourselves completely connected with the world at large, and the life of our friends, the truth is diametrically opposite.We have managed to isolate ourselves into a bubble of loneliness. For ultimately social networks are more networks than social, and human beings need other human beings more than they need likes.

A recent study shows that anyone using social media for more than two hours a day, faced the prospect of social isolation and loneliness. surprise, surprise. You talk to the phone screen the entire day, and then you figure nobody loves  you. They would love you if they knew you existed, but if you keep the black mirror between you an the universe, then you almost become part of the invisible people. People don’t notice other people who are peering into the mobile all the time; anymore than people peering into the mobile notice others.


Source : here 


Why do people feel isolated and lonely ? Well, the researchers have some theories.

First, you have less time for real-world interactions when you’re ogling your iPhone all day. Second, some aspects of social media can make people feel excluded, like seeing all your friends post pictures from a party you didn’t know about. And third, few of us share the ugly, boring, stressful parts of our lives. All those edited, curated pictures of traveling and brunching can spark feelings of envy and a distorted belief that everyone is living their best lives — except for you.

Sigh. At the risk of sounding old and unsympathetic, my two bits of advice.

  •  Get a life – get a hobby, even if it is only to post instagram pics and FB shares. And, make sure it is a hobby that needs practise outside a computer screen.
  • meet and have conversations with  people in your life. Not whatsapp chats or messenger chats – but real face to face chats. And, leave your phone inside, or shut off, when having this chat
  • Get some real sunshine. Go for a walk
  • Have times in the day that are mobile free
  • Read – you will never feel isolated
  • Meditate – you will never feel lonely