Sep 082014

I got myself a new camera. Been playing with it. There really hasn’t been time for focused photography.

Mumbai -PCO (1 of 1)

#OnlyinMumbai – can someone sit on stool on a busy alley and behave as though he was at home.

Lonavala - Two Trees bw (1 of 1)

My favorite trees in Lonavala

Lonavala - Two Trees (1 of 1)

My favorite trees, and the western ghats … this is a three minute walk from my home.

Lonavala - orange 2 (1 of 1)

While most of the plants in the garden have put of flowering till the end of the monsoons, this one didn’t.

Lonavala - bare (1 of 1)

This branch always reminded me of a ballet dancer ….

Back to the camera – the first thing that you notice about the Nikon d7000 is that it is not the Olympus e-510. It is atleast twice a heavy (or atleast it feels taht way). This is a quicker camera, works better with both motion and low light scenarios.

But, i need time to shoot.

Jul 082014

I have been missing the time to shoot. Film or Photos. Been really missing it. Feels like a part of me has been carved out.
Also, been looking for a new camera – if that makes sense. And, the question i ask my self is whether it makes sense to buy a camera when i don’t have time to use it. And, if i make time to use it, what camera should i buy.
Or should i just get the trusted Olympus cleaned up, buy myself the new mirrorless cameras or should i go for a full frame dslr. By the time I make up my mind and zero in on a product, i am sure there will be new entrants into the market.
In the mean time, some stuff i shot last year.

This was in a little village in Uttar Pradesh.

The gathering of women - black and white copy

This was in a little kolum village in Andhra Pradesh (Adilabad)

interlocking branches copy
This was in the same Adilabad Village, loved the way the branches curved

The Gopurums
this was the Mylapore temple, chennai

ginger lemon
This might have been at Vile Parle market :)

still ife

Vile Parle Market (i think) – and i just loved the orange and the grape contrast

ok. maybe i will just shoot a bit before i buy. maybe atleast once a week …

Jul 032014
Monsoons in Mumbai

Monsoons in Mumbai – Haji Ali

Monsoons finally arrived in Mumbai yesterday. The city wore a fresh look – all washed and cleansed. Traffic went for a toss – honking levels were off the scale. Western Railway trudged on. Central railways and harbour lines had issues – and the newly inaugurated metro began offering its customers a free shower with travel. I love Mumbai in the monsoons. Love getting wet. It makes me feel like all the tiredness is washed away and all the burden lightened :) (shot on the Nexus 4 phone camera. i was in the back of a moving cab, as it was turning from pedder road towards mahalakshmi station)