Jun 092008

The last time i went to the beach in Chennai was when I was in the 5th standard. That was seriously a long time ago.. It was a time when television was black and white, holidays meant native place, and a good film meant tickets in black 🙂
My chitti and chitappa – mother’s younger sister & husband – would give us a great time during holidays. And, the greatest of all times was to be had at the beach.
This time around, I went with my Mami. As soon as my naked feet touched the sands, the magic of being at the beach took over.
it was the weekend, and everyone and their families seemed to be there
dusk 2

the lighthouse

and, of course there was skinny dipping (desi style)
woman on the beach

And of course, people found their own nooks and crannies to conduct conversations.
women talking

The beach is a lot dirtier than i remembered it, but childhood memories have a way of appearing a whole lot brighter and better than they actually were