Nov 012015

I have been taking my camera into work. I spend so much time there, it is easier to sneak in a 10 minute window to practise than planning a photowalk or other such activities – that are usually swamped by work expanding to take up all time.

And, it is not work’s fault. Other people manage a life. It is mine – i never managed to build those water tight compartments between work and otherthings, and i am too old to change.

I did shoot some in colour. And they are in the flickr site. Some I shot black and white, and some i turned into black and white.

Traffic - bw

This is a seriously funny angle – i think i was half hanging out of the balcony … This is NM joshi marg leading to the office. The energy seems more real in the black and white.

Dusk approaches - mumbai bw

I simply find this scene awesome. It is like someone planted vertical building seeds a few decades ago, and they are all sprouting up to different levels of Tall buildings.  In the evening, when the lights turn on, it looks out of the world. During the day, when it competes with dust and heat bouncing off the roads – it looks like a post nuclear holocaust space.


And, this is much later at night.  I can actually see a bat signal going off ..

The Night skyline bw

None of this is with the new lens. They had been shot some time ago. I have just about find time to sort them out and put them up.


Jul 082014

I have been missing the time to shoot. Film or Photos. Been really missing it. Feels like a part of me has been carved out.
Also, been looking for a new camera – if that makes sense. And, the question i ask my self is whether it makes sense to buy a camera when i don’t have time to use it. And, if i make time to use it, what camera should i buy.
Or should i just get the trusted Olympus cleaned up, buy myself the new mirrorless cameras or should i go for a full frame dslr. By the time I make up my mind and zero in on a product, i am sure there will be new entrants into the market.
In the mean time, some stuff i shot last year.

This was in a little village in Uttar Pradesh.

The gathering of women - black and white copy

This was in a little kolum village in Andhra Pradesh (Adilabad)

interlocking branches copy
This was in the same Adilabad Village, loved the way the branches curved

The Gopurums
this was the Mylapore temple, chennai

ginger lemon
This might have been at Vile Parle market 🙂

still ife

Vile Parle Market (i think) – and i just loved the orange and the grape contrast

ok. maybe i will just shoot a bit before i buy. maybe atleast once a week …

Jul 102012

Old pictures that remind me that i have not been shooting – need to start again
I kind of love shooting black and white. somehow there is that romance of photography that comes through .. a snapshot in time

Prayers for us..

My grandmother (nani) praying. I asked her once whom does she pray to… she said i pray for that which is the maker of all, but i pray for you…


One day i will have a series of portraits from Mumbai labelled waiting. In an over crowded city with no privacy men, sometimes women, make their own space for a brief instant in time – and usually no one bothers them.

walking up

it is said that no one goes hungry in Mumbai. And it is possibly true. It is also said there is always honest work to be had.. and that is also true. What is not emphasised is that it is usually back breaking and soul destroying.

rajabhai tower_1
Mumbai University – once the best varsity in the country. Now it needs a short sharp shock to get back to its former glory… less grandstanding and more quality please.

Worli Mumbai

And Mumbai in the rains, on my favorite road – Worli Seaface …