Mar 032011

…. he did tell the truth  when he said he had…

……been putting together my own back-of-the-envelope guess list

it was really the funniest thing i had read in a long, long time …:)

Obama – “Hmmm, let’s see. He’s young. I’m young. He’s dark-skinned. I’m dark-skinned. His middle name is Hussein. My name is Hussein. His grandfather is a Muslim. My grandfather is a Muslim. He is president of the United States. And I’m an unemployed young Arab with no vote and no voice in my future.”

i would add SRK to that – with all the above. except that he is a superstar 🙂 and i want to be a superstar …..

Google Earth – someone in Bahrain got pissed off after seeing how the ruling family in Bahrain lived. therefore, Egypt with some 17% internet connectivity rose up against their Government – or something like that …

The rest is in the same vein… the killer is Beijing Olympics ..

China and Egypt were both great civilizations subjected to imperialism and were both dirt poor back in the 1950s, with China even poorer than Egypt, Edward Goldberg, who teaches business strategy, wrote in The Globalist. But, today, China has built the world’s second-largest economy, and Egypt is still living on foreign aid. What do you think young Egyptians thought when they watched the dazzling opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics? China’s Olympics were another wake-up call — “in a way that America or the West could never be” — telling young Egyptians that something was very wrong with their country, argued Goldberg.

or it could be the fact that Egyptians watched -according to friends who visited there – lots of Amitabh Bachchan movies from the 1980’s where he is constantly taking up cudgels agains the rich, for the poor and dispossessed … and, at the same time making off with the girl from the rich family 🙂

And a butterfly flapped its wings in Bolivia (or somewhere)


That must be the worst cause and effect thingee I have read… if a student wrote that in an exam i will put it up in my Gems from Students section