Apr 072008

The [tag]Arun Govil[/tag] of [tag]Hollywood[/tag] is no more. my dad got bleary eyed while seeing the news. Someone else called up from Chennai to talk about 'the death of Moses'

 He was one of the first Hollywood Actors that i saw on the big screen. There was this film called Earthquake and someone in school (it could even have been me) took a bunch of us to see this film in Eros for a birthday. I remember crying when the lead pair died – ( I was in the 7th standard, and didn't understand too much else apart from that). In later years i realised what a terrible film it was.

I saw more films with him in the nine year stint in London. His movies would be dusted out every Christmas and Easter or other Bank Holidays and shown without a break. He was definitely a man who seemed at home in a costume drama. Be it Ben Hur or The Ten Commandments. I enjoyed neither of these films. Possibly because they were big screen spectacles and by the time I got around to see it in the late 80's it was on television and these kinds of films look really funny on the small screen.


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Having said that, I enjoyed Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, El Cid, and of course The Touch of Evil. I also enjoyed the spin off of Dynasty, The Colby's – in which he played the patriarch… (yes, i watched it)

 I felt sorry for him in [tag]Michael Moore[/tag]'s Bowling for Columbine. I thought that the film maker was being completely anal. But, despite Moore's bad behavior Charleston Heston came across as a gentleman.

finally, I am sure that there is a whole bunch of Jewish and Christian kids who grew up with the image of Heston as Moses, Just as there is an entire generation of Hindu kids who visualise Arun Govil as Ram.