Jun 182008

Stuff that made me – in no particular order – think, chortle, smirk, snigger , slurp, nod my head wisely. I shan’t identify which is what …coz it will be fun a year later to figure:

Three army men detained with 170 kg of ganja I had this vision of army men in these floral camouflage thingees … waving daffodils and chanting ‘make love not war’ – of course, Asha will be crooning ‘dum maro dum in the background’

The Bangladesh proclamations of independence – drafted on paper during the war against Pakistan in 1971 – have gone missing, officials say. – no comments.

The Shock of the News – “Newspapers in this country seem to be drifting into their own third age of senility. Broadcast news seems as much devoted to the parallel world of celebrity as to what preoccupies the life and death of most of us down in the real world.” No they aren’t talking about India.

Thackeray wants suicide squads to fight terror one of those political oxymoron’s like ‘war for democracy’ and ‘rape for chastity’…

Cyd Charrise passes away – and on with the Communists still putting pressure on the Indian Government to ditch the nuclear deal – despite the energy crisis worldwide….here’s a performance from the musical [tag]Silk Stockings[/tag]