Apr 112012


My grandfather (dada) Calamur Mahadevan (1901 – 1962) – geologist, scientist, nationalist, feminist, father, husband, friend, teacher. Prinicipal at Andhra University. A man who educated his wife after their marriage, and insisted that she go out and work with the less privileged.

My Grandmother (dadi) Satyavati Mahadevan (1916 – 1993)  – poet, musician, writer, wife, mother, grandmother… My love for the epics and the Gods comes from her.

My father (standing extreme left), My Uncle – periappa (extreme right) and my aunt (attai) in the centre. A few years before they were all married . Their father loomed large in their lives. His death anniversary was on the 8th of April. I can tell you, they are still to recover from his death.

I wish i had known him.

Mar 102008

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Married at 14, widowed at 45 … she is now close to 85… .
Full of curiosity and a zest for living (as opposed to life).
An unshakable faith in God — that has kept her going despite the ups and downs in her life.
I couldn't get along with her when I was thirteen, We have  become a good friend now…sisters under the skin rather than grand mother and grand daughter…

This is her, as captured by my brother….

She is now a great grand mother.  A Sanskrit Scholar (she learnt it in the last 10 years) …a philosopher, and the Family Elder — someone approached by everyone for her wisdom…

I am very proud of her….and hope that when I am her age, I have her kind of serenity !