Nov 292008

It is over. people dead. symbols destroyed. and a people stunned. 26/11 is going to be a date etched in our memory for ever – much like 9/11.

I am at home watching three funerals that TV channels are broadcasting. Those of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan in Bangalore, ATS Chief Hemant Karkare in Mumbai, and Havildar Gajendra Singh in Delhi.

And i find the stoicism of the last two days slipping away. There is something primeval within me that wants war and blood.

But, let me explain: This is not just about crossing the borders (Pakistan and Bangladesh) and flushing out the terrorists -it is about that too – and i hope that the Government has the balls to do that. But, it is more than that.

it is about bringing to book all the enemies within our borders as well
- Rajnath Singh – who threatened civil war when that cow of a ‘sadhvi’ and the traitor of a ‘Colonel’ was arrested, and who cast aspersions on the men of the ATS
- L.K.Advani – see above
- Bal Thakeray & family – see above and causing divisions in the nation
- Shivraj Patil – for doing nothing. criminal negligence anyone ?
- state CM’s – who have consistently opposed the Federal Anti Terror Agency
- Amar Singh – for supporting terrorists
- Mulayam Singh – see above

It is also about other things:
- seal our borders
- send illegal immigrants home or legalise them.
- Get in a comprehensive anti terror law that covers everything from rioting to bombings

And finally,
Legalise Drugs. All terror operations are using money from drugs to fund operations.

The United Nations reports that the illegal drug trade is worth $400 Billion a year – more than the U.S. Department of Defense budget. Indeed, illegal drugs make up 8% of all international trade while textiles make up 7.5% and motor vehicles just 5.3%. This mass traffic in illegal drugs has greatly contributed to violence across the globe.

You want to win the war on terror. cut off the money supply. and the best way to cut off the money supply is to legalise drugs, tax it and monitor it.

For Gods Sake, let these people not have died in vain. We owe it to their memories and their lives to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And, to make sure that it doesn’t happen again lessons don’t just have to be learnt, they have to be taught ! the time for posturing is over. It is time for action. We are at war. Not Mumbai. Not Colaba. But India.