Apr 242012

…with all due respects to Marquez. 😀

Decline and fall of civilisation can be seen best in West Bengal. In 200 years you move froma Raja Ram Mohan Roy driven enlightenment to Mamata Banerjee driven idiocracy. From arresting cartoonists, to painting the city blue, from moving Pakistan to sharing a border with Bangladesh to inexplicable bitchfits when things don’t go her way, Mamata has been a source of amusement for that part of India that doesn’t have to live or do business in West Bengal.

Amul, as usual, gets it right

There is an online exhbition of Mamata cartoons here

Nov 192007

This from CNN-IBN:

Many refugees of Nandigram have confirmed that they had been brutally raped. Fear looms large in her eyes, the fear of [tag]CPI-M[/tag] cadres. Forty-year-old Akreja Biwi doesn’t want to go back home anymore.

Last Sunday, as the CPI-M recaptured Nandigram, nearly 100 of the party cadres allegedly looted her house, raped her and her daughters. All her daughters have gone missing.

Akreja says, “They pulled her and raped her mercilessly, I have lost my daughters.”

This from NDTV,

Seventeen-year-old Sabina Yasmin is from Shatengabari, one of the epicentres of the turf war between the CPI(M) and the Maoists-backed Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee, saw her future go up in smoke when her house was torched on November 6.

A bright student, Sabina wanted to be a nurse and there are many story like hers.

”I dreamt of becoming a nurse one day which is why I used to work for the health department and go out for pulse polio campaigns. Now, there’s no hope. My dreams are shattered,” said Sabina Yasmin, resident, Satengabari.

And this from Brinda Karat

Asked about rape of women in Nandigram, the 59-year-old leader said if there is any veracity in these reports, the West Bengal government will take strict and stringent action against the culprits.


There was “a conspiracy” to undermine the interests of the poor in Nandigram, she said.

Well I suppose that it is possible. the people of [tag]Nandigram[/tag] set them selves on fire, the women raped themselves and everyone else committed mass suicide to make the CPI (M) government look bad…

I am not sure what makes me sadder …. a party that is supposed to represent the poor and dispossessed turning against the people, or a woman questioning the veracity of rape….

A word of advice to Mrs.Gandhi & other seniors in the [tag]Congress Party[/tag] -if the only way that the UPA and its government can stay in power is with the support of a party as sullied as the CPI-M – maybe it is time to go back to the people……. the voters of [tag]India[/tag] have traditionally done what is right …… Let there be elections……