ICICI Lombard – #RestartRight campaign

… i just saw this ad on twitter

And, a number of things struck me.

The producer in me wondered about the production logistics of shooting this. It must have been a task. Just the thought of socially distancing a crew makes me glad that I am not producing anymore.

The marketeer in me wondered about the changing nature of health insurance. The positioning seems very different from health insurance ads that we are used to seeing. It taps into the sentiment that all of us suddenly are looking at health care costs a lot more closely. COVID has definitely notched up the importance of health cover in our set of priorities. Even my millenial and gen z colleagues are suddenly looking at health cover.

The columnist in me sees the endorsement of tele-medicine as the new normal, as well as the fact that all of us will be wearing masks in this new normal. I guess many of us will also speak a wee bit louder – if the person we are talking to is at the optimum social distancing gap. 😉


  1. As I watched this ad, I realised how much life has changed in the past 3 months. Health and happiness is truly a priority. This ad by ICICILombard is heartwarming and very relatable. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I saw this and it struck me how much life has changed in the last three months. Health has to be our priority for sure.

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