Oct 082005

Fellow (or should that be felli) blogger, Rashmi Bansal has been blogging for quite sometime on Youth Curry. As editor & Publisher of Jam she has a fairly incisive view on issues that impact the youth of today.

The issues that she does comment on regularly include education and insitutes of higher education that claim to provide an edge. In her cross hairs – at various points in time have been Amity, Rai, IIPM and the ilk. Essentially private institutes which seem to have neither accountabiltiy nor responsibility, and seem to have extremely deep pockets for full page ads and prime time spots in leading media vehicles. If they had been ‘public sector’ types the obvious question would have been – where does so much money come from. Everytime I see one of these full time ads – i remember an institution called Wintech, which promised everyone the earth, the moon, the stars, and then collapsed leaving a lot of unpaid bills and a lot of broken dreams.

Anyway, to come back to the point – Rashmi has got on the bad side of those who run Iipm(or so it seems). A whole bunch of ‘devoted’ students – tell me in which world do students angst so much about their institute – have descended on her site and written shit about her and her writing – if this is the way IIPM teaches its students to handle difficult situations, then there is something seriously wrong in their pedagogy. AFterall, any decent B school worth its salt will teach you how to defend the indefensible with grace and cheer. Libelling a writer by casting aspersions on her, her lifestyle, on her academic achievements, and threatening her phsyically is contemptible. Hiding behind handles is what cowards do, and those who have littered her site with comments do that very well.

And in other news – Gaurav Sabnis has got a legal notice from IIPM for writing this.

He has also been libelled on various blog sites. What next – goons standing outside everyone’s homes with hockey sticks?

Methinks that the bunch are taking their failed movie – Rok Sake to Rok lo – a bit too seriously.

other bloggers taking this up Sambhar Mafia, Walk with me, Press Talk, Charu, Desipundit, Anshul, Patrix ,

I will try and keep updating this list. And i am sure that Indian blogdom is going to come out in full support of Rashmi & Gaurav.