Star Trek Picard

Start Trek Picard on Amazon Prime, is a move away from the earlier cheery Pollyanna takes of the future put forward by the Star Trek universe. The world in Star Trek Picard is definitely more dystopian than the ones we have seen before. It is a Federation that is deeplyContinue Reading

Sacred Games

As i took 3 weeks to finish watching Sacred Games on Netflix, i wasn’t quite sure if I was savouring it, or meandering through it. Sacred Games, based on Vikram Chandra’s book by the same name, is a story of two different men, in different time periods, whose lives intersectContinue Reading

writer and film maker, Anand Sivakumaran offers us a serialised podcast – Chance pe Dance. This is story telling at it’s most ancient form, by a storyteller. Chance pe Dance, is the breezy thriller about Varun, a young gambler, who gets tomorrows news today, and his travails to bet onContinue Reading

Collateral on Netflix, is a taut tight thriller, that is at the intersection of three organisations linked to the murder of a pizza delivery boy in London. it is based around the frissions between important people in , what Marx would term, the superstructure – The Military, Intelligence Services, TheContinue Reading

The Expanse , on Netflix India, is a science fiction series, set 200  years in the future. And, it is a dystopian future. Earth, in this period has colonised and settled Mars. Mars has fought and won independence from Earth. And there is tension between both planets. Earth ruled by the UnitedContinue Reading

David Fincher’s series Mindhunter, that released on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, is an atmospheric period piece on a subject that is very popular on American TV and film – serial killers, and the people who hunt them – the FBI profilers. Set in the 1970’s that works atContinue Reading