Natasha Mehra Must Die

Book Review : Natasha Mehra Must Die by Anand Sivakumaran

When Natasha Mehra , the main protagonist of Anand Sivakumaran’s debut novel Natasha Mehra must die, finds out that other women bearing her name are dying under mysterious circumstances, she beings to investigate. The result is a thriller that has you on the edge of your seats, while a conspiracy as old as history comes to light.

The blistering pace of the book gives you no time to breathe, and you are carried away with the story, and the journey of a heroine.

Anand’s language is fluid, and his visualisations are lucid. His characters are well etched, and make you care for them.

I read the book in one sitting, as it raced from the boring suburban trains of Mumbai, to those who control the seats of power. And, an organisation so mysterious, and so in the shadows, it makes the Mafia seem like a bunch of publicly performing pole dancers

The book is the first of a trilogy, am eagerly awaiting the second part.

Natasha Mehra Must Die

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